Choosing your J-1 Visa Sponsor

CICD as your Visa Sponsor
Dec 19 2018

Students and professionals increasingly rely on internship opportunities to strengthen their resumes and showcase hands-on, professional experience or international work and cultural experience. International candidates seeking experience in the U.S. face the challenging task of finding both an internship opportunity and a visa to support them. For those who qualify, the J-1 Intern/Trainee visa program is a great option. There are no deadlines and programs can start at any time. J-1 Interns can participate up to 12 months and J-1 Trainees can generally train for up to 18 months.

There are hundreds of visa sponsors to choose from! Where to begin?

To start, get in touch with a visa sponsor who is authorized to process J-1 applications. While applying for your J-1 program, it’s normal to have lots of questions! A good visa sponsor will understand that you may need extra help. Try giving your sponsor a call when you start the process to find out if they are easy to reach. If they talk to you over the phone, make sure you feel comfortable and listened to – go with your initial reaction. CICD’s Coordinators are world travelers like you! For us, the process is personal.

As an official U.S. Department of State designated J-1 Program Sponsor, CICD is authorized to issue you the DS-2019 Form and DS-7002 Form required to apply for the J-1 Training/Internship Visa.

How much does a J-1 visa program cost?

J-1 applicants can expect to pay a sponsorship fee, monthly medical insurance premium, a visa (SEVIS) fee, and an embassy appointment fee. CICD keeps sponsorship fees low to make the program affordable. Please call us to get current prices for the program you have in mind.

How long does the application process take?

Generally, a sponsorship application takes about 6-8 weeks. For each sponsor, the application time may vary. No matter which sponsor is chosen to assist with the J-1 application, candidates are required to attend an embassy appointment outside of the United States. Embassy wait times vary, but 3-4 months is typically enough time to complete the entire J-1 process.

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Ready to get started?

Watch this video to learn how to apply!

Once you have secured an internship or training position at a U.S. company, please register online to begin your application. If you have not found a program yet, consider a full placement opportunity with CICD.