Current Participants

Welcome to the United States!

You have worked hard and taken many steps to be a part of the CICD Summer Work and Travel Program. Now it’s time for your Work and Travel experience to begin!

As your Work and Travel Program Sponsor, CICD wants to ensure that you know and understand your responsibilities under the J-1 Visa while you are in the USA. The following pages provide you with information that you will need during your program.

Please read through each section carefully and be sure to contact your CICD Summer Work and Travel coordinator if you have any specific questions, need additional information, or if there are any problems or changes during your program.


The CICD Summer Work and Travel team is here to help you have the best experience possible during your program. Feel free to contact your CICD Summer Work and Travel Coordinator by e-mail or by phone at (206) 957-7112 if you have any questions, concerns, adventures, or successes you want to

Congratulations on beginning an unforgettable experience! We wish you much success, excitement and fun during your program.