Traveling Outside of the United States

Traveling outside of the United States

To travel outside the U.S. during your Summer Work and Travel program, you must first get travel permission for your trip from your supervisor at work, and then obtain signed travel permission from a Responsible Officer at CICD on your DS-2019 Form. You will need your DS-2019 signed for travel in order to return to the U.S. on your J-1 Visa.


Contact us at least two (2) weeks before the date when you want to begin your trip.
Send the following documents to your CICD Coordinator by express mail service (UPS, FedEx, or DHL) to ensure that it will arrive safely:

  • Original DS-2019 Form
  • Brief letter including the dates of travel, destination and reason for travel
  • Pre-paid and self addressed return envelope (preferably also from an express service – such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, for speed and safety)

CICD will review your travel request quickly, and send your DS-2019 Form back to you.

Remember: During the Grace Period, you may NOT exit and return to the USA, because your visa expires on the program “end date” on your DS-2019 form – and you will not be allowed back in to the USA (to finish traveling or to catch your flight back home!) So plan your Grace Period travels accordingly.

Important note on medical insurance while traveling internationally: Before any international travel, please contact the insurance company that provides your health coverage during your Summer Work and Travel program and confirm where your coverage applies. In some cases, insurance companies will not provide health insurance coverage in your home country or in certain parts of the world.