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Coronavirus Statement

The CDC has recently posted travel notices to inform travelers and clinicians about current health issues that could affect travelers' health. COVID-19 ("Coronavirus") symptoms are similar to those of influenza (e.g., fever, cough, and shortness of breath), and the current outbreak is occurring during a time of year when respiratory illnesses from influenza and other viruses, including other coronaviruses that cause the "common cold," are highly prevalent. The CDC advises to decrease risk for respiratory disease, persons can practice recommended preventive measures.

To every extent possible, CICD cooperates with our long-standing sending partners overseas to ensure that their and our program participants are healthy and pose no health-related problems for our host communities.

For detailed CDC information, please visit the CDC website and contact CICD at any time with your questions and any concerns.

We look forward to continuing to sponsor your enjoyable and successful J-1 Internship, Training, Teacher and Work & Travel programs!