Top 5 Reasons an International Internship is Right for You!

Sep 04 2021

No matter what subject you’re studying at University, an international internship can set you on a path toward success. The J-1 Intern and Trainee Visa programs are designed for university students (or recent graduates) like yourself searching for an opportunity to travel, make friends, and learn new skills along the way.

Here are 5 top reasons thousands of students decide to participate in a CICD J-1 Internship or Training program:

The Ultimate Experience

During an internship in the USA, all you’re there to do is LEARN! This helps take some pressure off before you land your first job after graduating. An international internship allows you to make friends and colleagues around the world while gaining hands-on experience to help you succeed in the global economy.

Mariana from Argentina describes her ultimate experience in the USA:

“This program has helped me to understand more about what kind of professional architect I want to be. Also, it made me feel valued and appreciated by my colleagues. Sometimes Architecture can get very competitive but that is in the past and we are now in a world where collaboration is success.”

Mentorship for a Lifetime

How do you become an expert in your desired field? Go to university, seek mentorship, and learn from the best. Mentorship is built directly into the J-1 visa program. When you arrive in the U.S., you have a company supervisor ready to support your professional growth!

Say Hello to a Brand New Level of Confidence

You’re already pretty cool for traveling the world – now imagine adding the ability to speak English fluently and confidently to your repertoire. A J-1 internship allows you to practice speaking, presenting, and networking with Americans in English. By the end of your program, you’ll have the business English skills you need to succeed in the future. Practice makes perfect! Not only will you enhance your language skills, but your creative and critical thinking skills will also improve, allowing you to gain an entirely new level of confidence!

Abigael from the Philippines had this experience:

“I decided to come to the US because it’s my dream to travel internationally. I learned to be more confident in terms of facing clients and I also gained and enhanced my English communication skills. I learned how the real estate industry works. I also learned how to multitask, how to market properties online and administrative tasks. I was able to help and contribute something to our agents while building friendships with them. I was able to experience and enjoy all of it and at the same time gain knowledge, build up my career, be more confident in myself and make myself even stronger as I was independently living in the US.”

Future Opportunities Await

Taking advantage of the opportunity to do an internship abroad allows university students to network early on and build their industry-specific skills! Many US companies operate all over the world. After your internship, you may end up landing yourself a job in the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, or somewhere else around the world!

Win a Gold Medal in Resume Writing

Setting yourself apart on your resume means taking advantage of all your opportunities. Companies all over the world seek employees who are highly skilled critical thinkers, adaptable, and confident in the workplace. It’s exactly these skills that J-1 interns report enhancing while training in the USA on their internship programs. Internships abroad take you out of your comfort zone and push you to grow in more ways than the average internship in your home country.


What are the next steps to apply for the J-1 Intern or Trainee program?

As an official U.S. Department of State-designated J-1 Program Sponsor, CICD is authorized to issue you the DS-2019 Form and DS-7002 Form that are necessary for you to apply for the J-1 Training/Internship Visa. Our Team looks forward to helping you throughout your J-1 Internship or Training Program, from successful start to successful finish.

To get started and to see if you are eligible to apply visit here or email us at

CICD J-1 Internship or Trainee Sponsorship Includes:

  • DS-2019 Form required to apply for your J-1 Intern or Trainee Visa
  • Webcam interview with your own assigned CICD program coordinator
  • Preparation for your J-1 Visa interview at the US Embassy
  • Useful program information and orientation for you and your Host Organization
  • Assisting your Host Organization to develop a qualified training plan (DS-7002) fulfilling U.S.
  • Department of State regulations
  • Coordination of contracts between you, your Host Organization, and CICD
  • Coordination of your health insurance
  • Correspondence, monitoring, and program evaluation throughout your training or internship program
  • Advice and support anytime
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Access to a large network of international participants in the USA