Staying in Status on your J-1 Visa

CICD Program Participant Responsibilites:

Update CICD with Personal and Company Contact Information
Immediately after arriving in the USA, please visit our online validation page to provide CICD your current U.S. home address, phone number, and email address. This process allows us to validate your J-1 visa, a required step before applying for your Social Security Number.

All participants must maintain a working email account that they check at least weekly for CICD monthly contact, follow ups, and cultural activity information. We cannot sponsor students who do not maintain working email accounts during their programs.

Please work with us to keep your contact information current and up to date. As your sponsor, we want and need to provide you and your host company with any important information quickly. If any part of your or your work supervisor contact information changes during your program, you must immediately provide CICD with your new contact information.

It is your responsibility to ensure that CICD has your current address, phone number, and e-mail address at all times. The U.S. Department of State and CICD take this matter seriously: failure to keep this information current with us can result in the termination of your program and the cancellation of your visa. You may also become subject to penalties imposed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and/or the Department of State.

Notify us with Intent to Change your Work and Travel Program
You must inform CICD and secure prior approval from CICD if you intend to change any part of your program: such as wanting to change your job, wanting to add a second job or wanting to move to a new address. Failure to notify CICD in a timely manner and request timely prior approval from CICD violates the conditions of your program and can lead to program termination.

Alert CICD to Any Problem or Potential Problem

Immediately inform CICD if any problems develop, or may be developing at your host company that affect you or are connected with you in any way. One of our most important roles is to act as a liaison between you and your host company. If you inform us early, we can usually resolve most problems and misunderstandings before they become critical.

Maintain your Program Status
Please inform us immediately if for any reason:

  • You cannot begin your Summer Work and Travel program on the agreed-upon date.
  • You intend to leave or complete your program before the original program end date.
  • You intend to continue your program at a different host company or host company branch (in other words, to change your job).
  • Your host company has terminated your job, or you believe your host company plans to terminate your job for any reason (including firing you).
  • You have had any problem with the law (you were caught shop lifting, etc.)
  • You have experienced a serious injury or illness.
  • Someone is threatening your well-being or safety.
  • You are experiencing problems communicating with your supervisor at work.
  • You are experiencing problems with your accommodations.