Observing Your J-1 Visa “Grace Period”

After you have successfully completed your Summer Work and Travel Program, you will have a maximum of thirty (30) days from the last day of the program (as indicated in your Contract and DS-2019 Form) to travel within and finally depart the U.S. If you have changed your program dates with CICD approval, then you will have a maximum of thirty (30) days to depart the U.S. from the new program end date.

The USCIS (immigration) allows this period for you to settle your affairs and prepare for your return trip to your home country. During this 30-day period you are not allowed to continue to work.

Remember: Though you are allowed to travel in the USA during the Grace Period, you may NOT exit and return to the USA during the Grace Period, because your J-1 visa expires on the program “end date” on your DS-2019 form – and you will not be allowed back in to the USA with an expired visa (to finish traveling or to catch your flight back home!)

Plan your Grace Period travels accordingly. You should not leave the USA during your Grace Period unless you are prepared not to return to the USA.

For your own safety and wellbeing, we strongly recommend that you buy health insurance for this period either independently or through CICD. Contact us right away if you need more information about post-program insurance options.