Teaching Internships in the USA

CICD International Teaching Intern Program – ITIP

Center for International Career Development now sponsors Teaching Interns on the J-1 visa in the USA. University students studying to become teachers come to American schools to fulfill teaching internship requirements for their degrees. Individual schools and districts interested in hosting a Teaching Intern for up to 10 months, as well as individual internship candidates should contact CICD to get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“Teaching abroad” in the USA:

Summary of the International Teaching Intern Program – ITIP

  • Qualified foreign university students currently studying to become teachers may apply to intern in relevant and appropriate subject fields to gain teaching skills and share culture in American schools.
  • American school communities get exposure to other cultures and nations through “in-house” teaching interns on the J-1 visa.
  • The amount and depth of each intern’s experience will vary depending upon factors such as program duration, the location of the host school, each intern’s own motivation, personality, preparation and qualifications, etc.
  • Teaching Interns may be unpaid, or paid, depending upon the circumstances of the host schools and interns.
  • Schools interested in applying to host a Teaching Intern sponsored by CICD should apply now, realizing that there is a limited number of Interns accepted to be placed nation-wide. Though not “required”, we recommend that Interns receive modest help in the form of housing accommodations and/or a stipend from their host schools.
  • Interns are evaluated on a regular basis via discussions with Mentor Teachers (MT) as well as surveys, and virtual or in-person conferences with CICD.
  • CICD provides support and assistance to interns and schools for the duration of the program.
  • Interns are appropriately screened, and arrive with complete health and accident insurance policies.
  • J-1 Interns may not replace any normally employed American staff or student teacher, or otherwise assume any sort of independent, unsupervised or professional teaching duties on this program.

ITIP’s goal is to foster cultural exchange and acquisition of professional teaching skills through participation in structured and supervised school- and classroom-oriented internship activities in education.

If you would like CICD to place a Teaching Intern in your school or district (K-12) for a trimester, semester or academic year, or if you are currently studying outside the USA to become a teacher, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!