The Inspiring Impact of an Architecture Internship in the USA

Dhwani with her Internship Team!
Apr 22 2019

“During my stay in the States, I found that it was not only New York but all of America that prioritized a humane approach to architecture.”

Traveling to a foreign country is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures and experiences. Having always been amazed by the buildings and city planning in the United States, Dhwani from India decided to experience it firsthand and participate in a CICD internship program on the J-1 visa to gain inspiration and advance her knowledge in the field of architecture.

Certification of Completion for Dhwani’s Internship Program

Read about Dhwani’s journey to the United States:

“The internship that I did in the beautiful suburbs of the city of Atlanta, Georgia, will not only serve as the basis of the credits awarded for the semester but was also an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of the professional world of Architecture.”

1. Why did you decide to do an internship program in the USA?

“I spent my college summer break of 2018 visiting the U.S. for a month. This being my first trip to a foreign country broadened my vision in many ways. I was amazed by the sensitive civic infrastructure.

This remarkable effect, I realized is what a consciously planned human friendly space in a busy, hustling urban zone can create. During my stay in the States I found that it was not only New York but all of America that prioritized a humane approach to architecture. I also observed a spectacular variation in the process and hierarchical organization of a design project in the U.S. compared to India. This sparked in me the ambition of learning the concept of architecture and design in a new different country. I was looking for an opportunity that would diversify my concepts of space and building. An internship in the U.S is unequivocally a bold change to the kind of exposure I have at my college in India. It will open up my vision and expand the range of thoughts. But most importantly it will make me a part of the process of inclusive, considerate planning. Also I love exploring different cultures and traveling which further adds on to why I would be enthralled to be an intern abroad.”

2. Share a little about your internship:

“This internship being my first official experience in the professional world, taught me not only about the profession of architecture but also a lot about the life of an Architect! At the office, I was included in a series of different stages of a project from conceptual drawings in the pre-design stage to the pay applications of the project in execution stage. I am forever grateful to my mentors Lisa, Senior Project Coordinator, and Tony, Principal at my host organization for this amazing opportunity and their guidance.”

3. What has been the biggest impact of interning in the USA?

The four months living in a country so different from India had an incredible cultural impact on me. How architects go about their work is so different, more open minded and comprehensive than it is in India. It opened so many new perspectives in my mind. It really changed the way I perceive the world!”

4. What sort of American customs will you bring home?

“To answer in one sentence, coffee, Southern style biscuits for breakfast, the beautiful tradition of wishing people “have a good day!” and having a hearty “brunch”! I really miss American coffee now that I am back, especially the one that was brewed at my office!”

5. What are your future goals?

“From this outstanding experience, I feel like I see myself inclined a lot more to the American way of thinking and designing. If given the opportunity, I would definitely like to pursue a graduate degree in the U.S to add to my knowledge about the architectural concepts and lifestyle of the states. Also I realized that I love traveling and living in different parts of the world in new cultures. So I would love to get a job in the future that requires frequent travel! The internship has helped me figure out life in general, at the same time imparting in me an intensive and deep knowledge of architecture, construction and the professional environment.

Increasingly, international students rely on internship opportunities to strengthen their resumes by showcasing hands-on, professional experience. International students seeking experience in the USA face the challenging task of finding both an internship opportunity and a visa to support them.

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