What is the J-1 Internship and Training Program?

CICD's J-1 Internship and Training Programs
Nov 05 2018

You have pursued your dream career for years. You have applied to universities, spent long hours studying or working entry-level jobs, and now you’re ready for the next step. Going to the United States was always a dream of yours – but how? You could be a candidate for the J-1 Internship and Training Program which helps university students or working professionals like you get hands-on practical experience in the United States to enhance their careers.

With 50 states and thousands of cities to choose from, international candidates can choose from a wide range of U.S. companies to gain real-life, valuable hands-on experience. The J-1 Internship and Training Program offers participants a chance to find better job opportunities after they return home or to advance their university degrees.

The Center for International Career Development (CICD) is an official U.S. Department of State designated J-1 Visa Sponsor. CICD is authorized to complete the vetting process for your application and issue you the DS-2019 Form and DS-7002 Form (Training Plan) that you need to apply for the J-1 Training/Internship Visa.

Why Should You Consider a J-1 Program with CICD?

The J-1 Internship and Training Program is unique. Before you even begin your internship, you will receive a customized Training Plan (DS-7002) which describes all of the tasks and industry-specific skills you will learn during your program. CICD’s in-depth review process – including an interview with your prospective supervisor – results in a smooth transition to your training in the United States. You will have the opportunity to gain meaningful insights and understanding of American business practices, culture, and society.

The best part? CICD Coordinators are world travelers – just like you!

Ready to get started?

Watch this video to learn how to apply!

Once you have secured an internship or training position at a U.S. Company, please register online to begin your application. If you have not yet found a potential host company in the U.S, consider a full placement opportunity with CICD.

Visit our FAQ’s, email us at cicd@cicdgo.com, or call +1 (206) 985-2115