“CICD was always there to help me out and assist to solve any problems that I faced.”

Tae Kuen from South Korea
Graphic Design Trainee, California

“I know this Training Program has given me a very unique experience that very few people have ever got.

With this new experience under my belt I can honestly say that it will help me on my career for many
years to come.”

“CICD has been excellent. I always felt that CICD has been there to help out if I needed it.”

Arturo from Venezuela
Business Management Trainee, Georgia

“Having the opportunity to work abroad, and moreover in the US is a very great opportunity for my future

Xavier from France
Sales and Marketing Intern, New York

“CICD was very friendly and helped me with any question I had.”

Carolin from Germany
Human Resources Management Intern, Texas

“Having interned in the U.S. will give my career a more international perspective.”

Florian from Germany
Banking and Financial Support Services Intern, New York

“I honestly believe that leaving my comfort zone and making the extra effort to come here could be one of the greatest contributions to my life both professionally and personally.”

Alan from United Kingdom
Architecture Intern, Washington

“I’m learning, practicing and doing tasks in different areas of the company such as marketing, sales, finance, and others. Everything related with my business major. This is a big opportunity to get more knowledge in my field. I have new skills that are useful to be implemented in my future work. Now that I have an idea about the differences between the business in Chile and USA, I’m very interested to find a position in an international business department in my country.”

Carolina from Chile
Business Intern, Washington

“I am able to learn not only about work-related things, but also about real American culture through conversations with my co-workers. I have worked in Japan for about 4 years, and have found that the workplace environments in Japan and the U.S. are totally different. I feel that everything is new for me every day. I am sure that I will be able to put the experience I am gaining during this training to good use in the future.”

Keiko from Japan
Business Trainee, Washington

“My experience in the US has been so incredible!! I got to make really good friends from all over the world, I got to experience the Real American culture and on top of that I got to work at CNN as an intern!! It has been a total dream come true…”

Marisol from Netherlands
Journalism Intern, Georgia