“The J-1 Visa Program is nothing short of life changing. In my year abroad in New York I learnt so much more than I ever have from any studies or employer. The experience is unbelievably enriching, rewarding and fulfilling, and is a must do for every recent Australian graduate. The team at CICD make all the tedious paperwork and formalities a seamless process, and were always swift to resolve any problems I was faced with. They were the aspirin to my headache, and I must give a huge thank you to the team for facilitating by far the best year of my life.”

Matt from Australia
Work & Travel in New York

“I would like to thank you and your company for the marvelous work you have done to assist us students for the summer. If I do travel again I would love to have your company as my sponsor once more.”

Stacy-Ann from Jamaica
Work & Travel in Delaware

“It was a great summer. And you were great guys. Thank you for everything. I hope I will have great time next year too.”

Ervin from Bulgaria
Work & Travel in Missouri

“Thank you for your prompt responses and hard work. I most appreciated the friendly and reassuring voice I heard whenever I contacted you about a matter and your willingness to assist. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and experiences gained this year and looking forward to another exciting summer here in the U.S. next summer. I want to commend you for being a part of this program and providing this wonderful opportunity to students across the world.”

Sheena from Jamaica
Work & Travel in Florida

“There is nothing that I do not love about this job. My housing is awesome. I live in a dorm with 60 other young people and we all work and hang out. I am satisfied with everything.”

Vedrana from Croatia
Work & Travel in Ohio

“It’s a big responsibility to host thousands of people each day and the satisfaction that I get from knowing that I did a good job is overwhelming. I am truly benefiting culturally from this experience and am very humbled that i was given the opportunity to embark on such an endeavor.”

Damion from Jamaica
Work & Travel in New Jersey

“It was really good experience for me, I met a lot of different people, different languages, and cultures and also earned money to cover my expenditures. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to come out to America!”

Vedat from Macedonia
Work & Travel in Alaska