Resume and Career Strategy Course

CICD’s Resume and Career Strategy Course provides the tools and critical know-how you need to help you land a top international internship position. Learn how to tailor your resume and highlight your experience while gaining exclusive access to resources to perfect your internship search strategy. During your one-on-one resume consultation and career strategy session, your CICD Coordinator will provide you with personalized resume building tips and advice. You will be proud of your new resume!

What’s Included: 

  • One-on-One Resume and Career Strategy Video Consultation
  • Resume Guide to help you create an effective resume for the American market
  • LinkedIn Setup Guide to show you how to effectively set up and leverage your LinkedIn profile
  • Tips and best practices provided by your CICD Coordinator in addition to your Resume and Career Strategy Video Consultation
  • Advice on finding a Virtual and In-person internships in the U.S., J-1 Internship information and a bonus J-1 Definition Guide.
  • Completely customizable letter of introduction to send to potential U.S. host companies. Because not all U.S. companies are familiar with the J-1 visa program, your introductory letter helps simplify the process so you can focus on your internship. Let CICD take care of it for you!
  • The Final Product: Your completely updated and polished resume, plus real internship search strategies to help you land your dream internship!


We suggest pairing this program with our Full Placement Opportunities

Course Price: From USD $199

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Virtual Internship Program

CICD is passionate about cultural exchange through international career-based experiences. As the world becomes ever more digitally connected, CICD offers a variety of online programs that allow you to expand your professional experience and network from home. Our Virtual Internship Program VIP allows you to train with a U.S. Host Company and gain valuable international experience from anywhere in the world. Flip open your laptop, turn on WiFi, and you’re in! Take this opportunity to expand your international career with a Virtual Internship!

CICD’s Virtual Internship Program offers access to the skills you’ll need to elevate yourself professionally. The program includes our Resume and Career Strategy Course to help you level up your materials so CICD can pair you with a great U.S. host company. You’ll benefit from having your own personal CICD Coordinator to support you for the entire duration of your Virtual Internship. Ready to take the next step to advance in your career? Let’s get started.

What’s Included: 

  • At least twice-weekly virtual meetings with your Host Company Supervisor
  • Weekly check-ins with your CICD Career Coach for the first month of your virtual internship
  • Monthly check-ins for the remainder of your program
  • $100 off a future J-1 Visa Internship Program sponsored by CICD**
  • Unlimited access to CICD’s J-1 Visa Program experts and resources for an internship in the USA
  • Resume and Career Strategy Course – Yes, you read that right! Our Virtual Internship Program (VIP) includes everything listed above in our Resume and Career Strategy Course to help you to land the perfect Virtual Internship.
  • Your CICD Coordinator will connect you with a U.S. Virtual Internship host company in your industry
  • Membership in CICD’s Alumni Network

Already have a potential host company lined up?
Let CICD help you structure your internship and provide support and guidance throughout your program. Ask about our Self-Placed Virtual Internship option, available at a lower price. This option allows you to convert your Virtual Internship into an in-person J-1 internship at a later date in the USA!

Program Price: From USD $399

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** Is a J-1 “in-person” Internship also in your Future?
We can convert almost all Virtual Internships into “in-person” internships when we sponsor you as a J-1 visa Intern or Trainee. Let us know if this is something you or your host company might like to consider in the near future.

Information for Host Companies

Interested in offering an virtual or in-person internship? CICD may be able to find top international interns or trainees for your company. We thoroughly screen and assess applicants to identify excellent candidates who have the proper experience and skill sets for training at your business. Inquire online or post a position.

Career Coaching

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