Traveling Outside the U.S.A

You may be able to travel internationally while participating on your J-1 visa program in the United States. Please contact your CICD coordinator at least two (2) weeks before the date when you want to begin your trip. In most cases, you will need a Travel Permission Signature on your DS-2019 form to return to the United States. A Responsible Officer at CICD can provide this signature. If your CICD Coordinator tells you that you need this signature, please send the following three items by mail to your CICD Coordinator using an express mail service (e.g. UPS, Fed Ex, DHL) to make sure it reaches us quickly and safely:

  1. Your original DS-2019 form (make a photocopy for your records before mailing)
  2. Brief, typed letter from you with proposed travel dates, travel destination(s) and reason for travel
  3. A prepaid-postage envelope with your name and return address on it, with enough postage to mail it back to you

We will process your travel request and mail your DS-2019 form back to you quickly.  Please note that the process may take as long as two weeks from start to finish (though it is often only a few days), so please contact your host organization supervisor and your CICD Coordinator as early as possible.

Make sure you also contact the embassy or consulate(s) of each destination country to determine whether you need a visa or travel/visit permit for that country.

Finally, before any international travel, please contact the insurance company that provides your insurance coverage during your J-1 Training or Internship to confirm where your coverage applies. In some cases, insurance companies will not provide insurance coverage in your home country or in certain parts of the world. Find out early and stay safe!