Staying in Status

CICD Program Participant Responsibilites:

Update CICD with Personal and Company Contact Information
You are required to check in and provide CICD with your new home address, phone number, and e-mail address as soon as you arrive, as well as immediately contact us if for any reason your contact information (or your host company’s or supervisor’s contact information) changes during your stay. We need you do this because the government requires it as a condition for you to remain in good status on your J-1 visa, and to continue your program. We also want to make sure that we can quickly contact you for urgent matters and provide you with new, helpful program information.

Program Evaluations
You will receive brief monthly evaluation forms via email that you are required to complete during your internship. We require that you complete them each month for your program to continue. These evaluations are done online. You will receive e-mail notifications with a link to your online evaluation form a few days in advance of each evaluation’s due date.

Update CICD with Changes in your Training or Internship Program
CICD programs typically follow the agreed-upon details of the Training/Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP) very closely. In rare cases where there is a substantial difference between the T/IPP and program realities, CICD will review the situation and decide whether to change, and how to change, the T/IPP. Let us know about any discrepancies you find, and we will work with you and the Host Organization to resolve the issue.

Alert CICD of Problems

Most problems can be resolved with effective communication. During your program, CICD acts as your advisor and advocate. Let us know if there are any problems that affect you or are connected with you in any way. We want your experience here to be a great one, so talk to us.

Maintain your Trainee or Intern Status

Please let us know immediately if any of these situations happen to you:

  • You cannot begin your Internship or Training program on the agreed-upon date.
  • You intend to leave or complete your program before the original end date of your program.
  • You intend to continue your training or internship at a different host company or host company branch.
  • Your host company has terminated, or intends to terminate, your participation for any reason.