Host Company Transfer

If, for any reason, you think you might need to transfer from one Host Organization to another, please contact CICD immediately. J-1 visa regulations prohibit you from changing host companies without CICD first vetting the new host company AND approving the transfer BEFORE YOU CHANGE COMPANIES.

Approval is possible in situations that include the following**:

  1. Your Host Organization informs CICD in writing that it agrees to release you
  2. There are no serious issues
  3. There are compelling reasons for CICD to consider a request for a transfer of host companies. It is your own responsibility (with our assistance) to find your new training or internship position in such an instance.
  4. CICD reviews your original program and determines that you have not received certain program experiences described in the original T/IPP, or that you are experiencing unreasonable difficulties with your Host Organization and/or your supervisor, that CICD determines are not your fault and are beyond your control.


** Please note that if you switch Host Organizations without advance CICD approval you will be in violation of program rules and thus subject to program termination. If this happens, you will be required to leave the U.S. immediately. For this reason, it is VERY important that you contact your CICD Coordinator as soon as possible if you believe a Host Organization transfer may, for any reason, be needed.

** CICD shall determine at its sole discretion whether or not it will allow a change of host company and which, if any, reasons or justifications for a transfer we will consider in making our determination. After CICD completes its assessment of the host company transfer request, CICD’s decision shall be final.

CICD will do all that we can to help you if we determine that a Host Organization transfer is appropriate. However, under certain circumstances, it will still be your responsibility to find a subsequent host company for you to continue your training or internship.