Extending your J-1 Program

We are happy to hear that your current program is going well and that you are interested in extending! Extension applications are usually approved if the proposed duration and additional activities of the extension can be appropriately justified. Please read below for details.

J-1 Intern Program Extensions:

If your original internship lasts less than twelve (12) months and your host company supports your request for additional internship activities, it may be possible to extend your internship program to a maximum duration of twelve (12) months. You may also want to consider participating in another internship program if you qualify.

J-1 Trainee Program Extensions:

If your original training program is for less than eighteen (18) months and your host organization supports your request for additional training, it may be possible to extend your training program up to a maximum total time of eighteen (18) months.

* Please note that the maximum total program length is twelve (12) months for Hospitality Training programs.


Requirements and Steps to Extend Your Internship or Training Program

You must be currently “in good status” on your J-1 Visa, and CICD must receive all necessary application forms at least thirty (30) days prior to your original program end date.

It is essential that you submit your extension application as early as possible. If CICD receives your extension application with less than thirty (30) days remaining until your original program end date and does not believe the application can be processed properly in the remaining time, then the application will not be considered. If CICD does decide to consider the request despite the limited time window, a late fee will be charged in addition to the standard extension application fee. Please review our fee and refund policy for further details.

Please note that there is no guarantee that CICD will approve an extension application.


J-2 Visa Extensions:

If your spouse and/or children are with you in the U.S. on the J-2 Visa, they may request an extension for their stay at the same time that you submit your extension application to CICD. If all extensions are approved by CICD, your dependents may remain with you for the specified period(s) of their program extension(s).


Traveling Outside the U.S. on an Extension:

Traveling internationally and then returning to the U.S. during your program’s extension is only possible if you obtain a new J-1 Trainee or Intern Visa that reflects the valid end date of your extended program.

Traveling outside the USA and attempting to re-enter the USA with an expired visa, but with an extended program, is generally NOT allowed.

Generally, the chances of successfully applying for a new J-1 Visa (reflecting the extended program end date) are much higher in your country of citizenship or permanent residency than they are in a “third country.”

However, because of the cost and risk of visa denial, we do not recommend attempting to get a new J-1 visa. Regardless, remember to apply early for your program extension.

Please contact your CICD Coordinator immediately if you are considering a program extension so that we can make the process as quick and stress-free as possible for you.