Available J-1 Positions


French Teaching Intern

An independent primary and elementary school which offers bilingual education within a community-based environment. The program combines strong academic knowledge in both French and English and focuses on problem solving, interdisciplinary studies, and the development of socio-emotional competencies. The school's teachers and students from the Greater Seattle area and the francophile community around the world are united in the belief that learning a foreign language can help children become versatile, independent thinkers. The school's students go on to attend middle school with confidence in both their French and English abilities, and they are ready to contribute as Global Citizens.
10 - 12 months
Pay: unpaid

German Language Teaching Intern

The school provides English-speaking pupils the opportunity to learn German in a school where German is the primary language of instruction. In a school of over 600 students, children receive language instruction in German beginning in K4 through 5th grade.
5 - 10 months
Pay: US$250 per month

Spanish Teaching Intern

An independent charter school focused on multi-sensory learning. World language classes are held daily for all students.
10 months
Pay: unpaid

Teaching Assistant

A private, independent, bilingual school for students from preschool to Grade 8 which uses a dual-language immersion program based on the French Ministry of Education curriculum. The school has given students a bilingual preparatory education since 2005. It offers a multicultural, multi-lingual learning environment where instruction is given in French and English, with an optional third language track in Arabic, Spanish, or Mandarin. The school curricula are based on the guidelines of the French Ministry of Education, and supplemented by the essential elements advanced in American private-school education. By the end of middle school, this dual approach produces academically-adept, bilingual students, proficient in both English and French and a third language.
12 months
Pay: Depends on Experience

Teaching Intern

A Mandarin and Spanish immersion elementary school located in Cleveland, Ohio. As a language immersion school, students spend the majority of every day learning in Mandarin or Spanish (students choose one language). Through this immersion model, students become bilingual and bi-literate in English and Mandarin or Spanish. Students receive daily instruction in Mandarin or Spanish across all core subjects (Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts) and instruction in English (English Language Arts, Physical Education, and Art), according to the table below, providing students a strong path to dual language proficiency.
10 months
Pay: unpaid

Teaching Intern

Unique K-6 dual immersion school with four language programs: French, Italian, German, and Spanish. The school invites around 16 interns each year to train alongside their teachers and gain experience in education. The school's families host interns, so there is also an opportunity for deeper cultural exchange within the school community.
4 - 10 months
Pay: US$350 per month

Teaching Intern

Small Catholic academy, Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, college prep. Close family-like atmosphere with lots of opportunity for intern to experience all levels of teaching.
10 months
Pay: US$350 per month