Social Security Number

Applying for your Social Security Number

All J-1 Trainees and Interns are eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN). If you have a paid internship or training, your Host Organization will need your SSN to pay you.

To apply for your SSN you will need to visit in person the Social Security Administration office in your area. It may up to six (6) weeks to receive your SSN, so please apply as soon as possible after your arrival. You are allowed to begin your program and receive compensation before you receive your SSN. If you or your host company have any questions or concerns about this, please contact CICD.

Please follow these directions to apply for your Social Security Number:

  1. Validate Your Program Through CICD:
    Call CICD as soon as you can during the first week after your arrival. Your CICD coordinator will need to speak with you and with your supervisor, and confirm your U.S. home address to validate your SEVIS status. Please call (206) 985-2115 to speak with your coordinator.
  2. Apply to the Social Security Administration for your Number:
    After validating your program with CICD, wait 5-7 business days for your validation to be processed in SEVIS. Only then visit your local Social Security Administration office to apply for your SSN.
  3. Bring the following five (5) documents with you to the Social Security Administration office:
    1. Passport
    2. J-1 Trainee/Intern Exchange Visa (located in your passport)
    3. DS-2019 Form (sent to you by CICD)
    4. Security Eligibility Letter (sent to you with the DS-2019 Form)
    5. I-94 Arrival-Departure Card

To locate your nearest Social Security office, please visit:

If you or your host company have any questions about this process, please contact us right away.