Observing your J-1 Visa "Grace Period"

When you successfully complete your training or internship program, you are allowed thirty (30) days to leave the United States. This 30-day “grace period” begins on the day after the last day of your program, indicated on your DS-2019 form. If you and CICD agreed to change your program dates, then you will have thirty (30) days from the new end-of-program date shown on your updated DS-2019 form.

The grace period exists to allow you a bit of travel in the USA and give you time to gracefully exit the United States and return to your home country. Please understand that if you leave the U.S. during the grace period, you will not be able to re-enter the country on your expired visa. We therefore strongly recommend that you stay in the U.S. during your grace period until you are ready to begin your return journey.

For your safety, we require that you purchase health/accident insurance to insure yourself during the grace period. You can buy insurance directly from an insurance company or through CICD. Let us know right away if you need more information about post-program insurance options.

Finally, please remember that you are not allowed to continue interning/training at your Host Company or anywhere else in the USA during the grace period. To do so is illegal. The grace period is meant only for finishing private matters such as packing, moving, saying good-bye to friends, and traveling within the USA.