Teach English in Bali

Program Details

Start Date: year-round
Location: Ubud, Indonesia
Duration: 2-20 weeks
Program Fee: From: 400.00 Euro
Compensation: None
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The Kindergarten project is owned and fully supported by our local partner in Bali. The local children are warm and affectionate and would rather spend time playing than learning. This project gives you the chance to encourage children to learn and grow creatively. Apart from teaching them language and communication skills, you have a unique opportunity to sow seeds at this tender age from which they stand to benefit for years to come. As you spend time teaching the local children, you will be embraced by and become an important part of the local community.


Supporting the local community with free kindergarten education to several 4-5 year old children from poor villages in and around the area of Ubud.

Program Activities
Our partner runs their own free Kindergarten project, totally supported by them, for local children of about 4 to 5 years old who are right at the start of their school careers, all mainly from poor villages in and around the area. They will all be excited to see you and exceptionally welcoming, due partly to the natural and genuine friendliness of all Balinese especially children, but also the fact that you will be one of a few Westerners they have met! You have to love children and understand their behavior, as you will be surrounded with loads of them every day and their friendliness can sometimes become over exuberant, but they are children after all. The kindergarten, like kindergartens throughout the world, is informal, and the children will want to play with you more than be 'taught' in a formal sense. However, just by getting them enthused about coming to school, giving them some very basic English phrases such as simple greetings, you may well have sown the seeds of a lifelong learning habit and doing a great and enjoyable job in the process. If you wish to experience the real Bali lifestyle and become an important part of the local community, this kindergarten near Ubud offers a rewarding opportunity to do both quickly. Your help and assistance will help the kids grow their confidence and learn better English which will help them in so many ways in the future.

Program Eligibility

Mandatory: Child protection policy police check before start of volunteering with children

Selection Process

Apply at CICD with a resume, cover letter, and a color copy of your passport.

Program Fee

From: 400.00 Euro