French Cooking School in the South of France

Program Details

Start Date: year-round
Location: Cap d'Agde, France
Duration: 1-48 months
Compensation: Only with internship programs.
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Created in 2005 by professionals in gastronomy, French pastry, wine and fine dining services, this international culinary academy offers a wide range of programs to learn the art of French cooking and pastry at Michelin star level. All instructors have years of experience at prestigious Michelin star level hotel restaurants and are certified in the fields they teach.

Programs and fees:
Gourmet Program (1 month):  3,400 Euros + 240 Euros nonrefundable enrollment fee (~US$3,782 + $266*) 
Epicure Program
(2 months): 5,324 Euros + 240 Euros nonrefundable enrollment fee (~US$5,905 + $266*) 
Gastronomy Program (3 months): 7,150 Euros + 240 Euros nonrefundable enrollment fee (~US$7,930 + $266*)
Full Program (7 months): Gastronomy program + 4-month paid internship in a one-star Michelin or luxury hotel-restaurant in France (~546 euros per month + full board and lodge): 8,470 Euros + 240 Euros nonrefundable enrollment fee (~US$9,394 + $266*)
1-year Program: 2 Gastronomy Programs (3-month pastry and 3-month cooking) + 6-month paid internship: 16,504 Euros + 240 Euros nonrefundable enrollment fee (~US$18,305 + $266*)
2-year Program: 1-year program (see above) and 2nd year Management Diploma in Gastronomy Food and Beverage (include 2 periods of 6-month Paid Internship): 33,008 Euros + 240 Euros nonrefundable enrollment fee (~US$36,609 + $266*) to be paid when enrolling + 30% of the tuition fee to reserve your place.

*Amount in US$ depends on the fluctuations in currency exchange rates.
Certificates received upon successful program completion.

Program start dates in 2016 and 2017:
Gourmet (1 month):  Sept. 17, Jan. 7 and April 1 for beginners. For Advanced: Oct.15. and Feb. 4. For Professionals: Nov. 19 and March 4.
(2 months): Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Jan. 7, Feb 4, and April 1.
Gastronomy (3 months): Sept. 17, Jan. 7, and April 1.
Full program (7 months): Sept. 17, Jan. 7, and April 1.
1- year program: Sept. 17, Jan. 7, and April 1.
2-year program
: Sept. 17, Jan. 7, and April 1.

Program outline:
The Gourmet Program includes 1 module of 4 weeks (30 hours of hands-on training per week only); The Epicure Program is made of 2 modules of 4 weeks; The Gastronomy Program is made up of 3 modules of 4 weeks. Each program includes 15 hours French lessons and 15 hours hands-on training per week, Monday through Friday. Weekends are off except during internships where scheduling varies. Participants have one week of vacation to travel on their own on all programs except the 1-month Gourmet program (1 month),


"French language + Cooking": cold and hot first dishes, fishes and meats with sauces
"French language + Pastry": breads, viennoiserie, dough, cakes and entremets, chocolates, plate desserts and decoration
"French language + Wines":  winemaking, the most famous French wine regions, wine tasting initiation
"French language + Food and beverage service"

Students live in an apartment of 4 people with 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, separate facilities and an outside terrace. Cost is 360 euros/~$399* per month. Wifi is available in the classrooms. The city center, shops and beach are approximately 6 minutes by foot from the housing at the Resort. A bus line provides quick access to the nearest railway station. Other housing options are available upon request at an extra cost.

Additional costs to budget: International flight, departure transfer, health insurance, housing, and spending allowance during stay (~$250 per month for food, local transport, pocket money, etc. is recommended).

Program Eligibility

Any motivated person over 18 who is passionate about cooking, French language, and culture, and eager to learn new skills or change career.

A tourist visa is required for the 1-3 month programs. A student visa is required over 3 months.

Selection Process

Please contact CICD.