Participant Testimonials

“My internship with CICD has been a big success. I have learned more than I thought I could in 10 weeks. This experience will be a huge factor in my future for my career, as well as my entire life. I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, and made some great friends. The skills I have obtained from my Chefs are great and I recommend this program to any student looking to really develop their skills and get some insight on what Gastronomy is really about.”

South Seattle Community College, USA

“The back of house and other interns have been nothing but gracious to us. We are having a great time, we are learning so much from the chef.”

Bellingham Technical College, USA

“Europe is great! We are going to Nimes and Barcelona this weekend.”

South Seattle Community College, USA

“I had an amazing experience with my host family. They were wonderful and welcoming. The hotel that I work at is also very nice. It is not as fast paced as I thought it would be, but it is good for me because I am a beginner… Valerie was an amazing representative. I am glad she came to France and I was able to meet and spend time with her.”

University of California, USA

“Everything is going good so far. We are almost half way through this program already. It’s been a very good and educational experience.”

Clover Park Technical College, USA

“Ever since our first communication, your professionalism instilled in me trust in CICD. Traveling abroad under the circumstances I did – did not know the language, did not know the culture, had no experience in a professional kitchen, was completely removed from my comfort level – really tested the depth of my character. I knew I was in a good partnership with you being my contact abroad and this helped me to feel confident. I am extremely grateful for this and want to thank you for modeling CICD as more than just a business. You are the reason I would recommend to anyone or to participate myself in future endeavors.”

South Seattle Community College, USA

“I got a job at the Saxon hotel in Johannesburg. It is currently the number two restaurant in South Africa, with the head chef being our country’s top chef at the moment. I started work today. I am so excited and can owe my position entirely to my French experience.”

Capsicum, Johannesburg, South Africa (2014)

“It was a pleasure doing the program and you were a great help. I got a new job with a higher position and my new head chef is enjoying my knowledge on France and cooking because he travels to France every year as well.”

Anesa from USA
Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (2014)

“I had an outstanding experience and I am considering doing a summer internship program through CICD next summer. Keep me posted on what types of programs you are offering!”

Cincinnati State and Technical Community College (2013)

“I loved my host family in Montpellier, they were so good with me, their children are beautiful and I love them.”

Instituto Argentino de Gastronomia – Argentina (2013-2014)

“My job is so busy! I love it! Definitely wouldn’t be where I am without CICD. I am ever appreciative.”

Cordon Bleu Scottsdale, Arizona (2013)

“I really am enjoying the internship here. The people are friendly and nice and always put out a helping hand when they can. It is a huge change from America but I am learning to adapt to the culture here.”

Art Institute of Charlotte (2014)

“I’m very happy to have chosen this program. CICD helped me with the application process and get to Barcelona, and they makes sure everything is going well for me. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m glad I’m here.

The first week at work I tried more things than ever before – learning new techniques with new ingredients, being able to work with very high quality products. This experience is changing my outlook in the food industry, my life and future.

The chef definitely has one of the best personalities, being everything from professional to helpful to inspirational, and also being able to joke and have a good time.

I thank CICD for helping me experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, knowing I’m in good hands if I were to have any problems, and making such a hard transition so easy and enjoyable.”

Riverside Culinary Academy

“My trip has been amazing! I am trying to pick up as much French as possible right now! My host family is wonderful and Montpellier is beautiful.”

Seattle Central Community College, USA

“The cooking classes with Chef Armand were especially enjoyable. The language courses were fantastic and finding me a place in a 3 star Michelin restaurant an incredible opportunity. This work experience is invaluable for my future in the kitchen. I will be able to draw on this to achieve many of my goals. CICD has provided a fantastic service and I will be recommending you to future students.”

Cordon Bleu Seattle