Paid Culinary or Hospitality Internship in Spain – Valencia

CICD’s Unpaid Culinary or Hospitality Internship Program in Valencia, Spain, allows students to complete a short-term international internship in the beautiful coastal region of El Levante. Live in Spain for up to 12 weeks and intern with a high-class establishment to boost your resume and perfect your Spanish language skills!

Program Details:

Program Start Dates: 2019-2020: year-round
Location: Valencia, Spain
Duration: 8-10 weeks
Compensation: Unpaid
Program Fee: From $2,500.00
Typical Application Process: 3 months

Program Details

This 8- to 10-week culinary internship program includes a 2-week Spanish language and cultural immersion course (for non-Spanish speakers) followed by an unpaid internship with a Spanish restaurant.

  • 2-week Intensive Spanish Course in Valencia (required for non-Spanish speakers): 25 1-hour group lessons per week, Monday – Friday mornings or afternoons, plus an orientation tour of Valencia and other cultural activities. The language program begins on Mondays.
  • 6- to 8-week Unpaid Culinary Internship Placement in Valencia (~40 hours per week). The internship begins on a Monday after the 2-week Intensive Spanish course. Spanish speakers can begin their internships immediately on arrival in Spain and can intern for 6-10 weeks.

General Description of Internship: Internships take place in reputable, 4- and 5-star hotels and restaurants, some Michelin awarded, in Valencia. The main positions available are savory kitchen assistant or pastry assistant. Hospitality students may be placed in other areas of the hotel, such as bar, reception, housekeeping, etc. Placements are unpaid.

Accommodations and Facilities: During the language program, students are housed with host families in Valencia and provided with two meals per day (breakfast and dinner). During the internship, students are housed in shared apartments and meals are their responsibility. Housing during the language program and first 6 weeks of the internship are included in the program cost. CICD can organize housing for additional weeks at a starting cost of $125.00/week. Students will also be provided with a local transportation card and international insurance coverage for the first 8 weeks of the program (additional weeks can be purchased for $30.00/month or $10.00/week).

Program Cost: The cost for this Culinary or Hospitality Internship Program in Valencia starts at $2,500.00 for Spanish speakers and $3,500.00 for non-Spanish speakers. Non-Spanish speakers are required to complete the intensive Spanish language course at the beginning of the program. Students may only forgo the course if they are fluent Spanish speakers. Please contact CICD for more information.

Program Eligibility

Basic Requirements: Must be currently enrolled as a student, 18 to 35 years old, be a US, EU, Latin American, or South American citizen, and have an educational background in culinary arts or hospitality. Recent graduates may qualify as long as they take the introductory Spanish course before the internship. Contact CICD for eligibility requirements, exclusions, and additional program information.

Application Process Inquire Online