Culinary or Hospitality Internship Program in Italy

CICD’s Culinary or Hospitality Internship program in Italy provides students of Culinary Arts or Hospitality with a great opportunity to gain real work experience while learning about traditional Italian culture and cuisine. Through this internship program, students can learn a new language, immerse themselves in a new culture, and develop their professional skills!

Program Details:

Program Start Dates: 2022: 04/04, 04/19, 05/02, 05/16, 06/06, 06/20, 07/04, 07/18, 09/05, 09/19
Location: Florence and Lake Garda area
Duration: 10-12 weeks
Compensation: 0 to 200 Euros per month
Program Fee: From $3,125.00
Typical Application Process: 3 months

Program Details

10- to 12-week Culinary or Hospitality Internship Program in Italy includes a 2-week intensive language and cultural immersion course followed by an 8- to 10-week internship at a traditional Italian restaurant or hotel and international medical insurance.

  • 2-week Intensive Italian Course in Florence: 30 1-hour group lessons per week, Monday – Friday mornings or afternoons, plus an orientation tour of historic Florence, visits to local markets, cooking classes, and one full-day excursion.
  • 8- to 10-week Internship Placement in Italy (~40 hours per week). Internships take place at traditional Italian restaurants or hotels in Florence or Lake Garda (about 3.5 hours by train from Florence in northern Italy). Internships begin on Mondays after the 2-week Intensive Italian course.


General Description of Internship: The main culinary position available is savory kitchen assistant, and hospitality positions are also available. Internships take place in Florence year-round and in Lake Garda from April to September each year. Most internship positions are unpaid when housing is provided. When housing is not provided, internships may be paid up to 200 Euros per month.

Accommodations and Facilities: During the language program, students are housed with host families in Florence and provided with two meals per day. During the internship, students may be offered housing and meals depending on the time and location of their internship. Students interning in Lake Garda during the summer (April through September) will be offered shared housing and two meals per day. Students interning in Florence (year-round) will be offered housing with a host family or in a shared apartment, self-catering at their expense (~500 Euros per month). The hotel or restaurant in Florence will provide meals only while on duty plus a stipend of 200 Euro per month for living expenses when possible. CICD can help organize housing before the program begins.

Program Eligibility

Basic Requirements: Must be currently enrolled as a student, 18 to 35 years old, be a US or EU citizen, and have an educational background in culinary arts or hospitality. Recent graduates may qualify as long as their school can sign a training agreement (English) provided by our Italian partner. All participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel to Italy. Contact CICD for eligibility requirements, exclusions, and additional program information.

Application Process Inquire Online