International Culinary and Hospitality Internships

CICD’s international internship programs provide culinary and hospitality students with the opportunity to gain real work experience, expand their professional skills, and explore a new country and culture.

Students can apply for internship programs in the south of France, the French Alps, Spain, Italy, and Mauritius and are offered internship placements related to their area of study. In France, Spain, and Italy, CICD also offers an introductory linguistic and cultural immersion course (language lessons, cooking classes, food and wine tastings, cultural excursions, and homestay for at least two weeks) to prepare students for their internships.

Students completing an international internship program with CICD are provided with continuous support from a CICD representative during the enrollment process and internship program, specialized internship placement options, and a certificate of completion after successfully completing their program. CICD’s internship programs can help fulfill hourly internship requirements, and students may be eligible for college credit.