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CELTA Course in Cape Town

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an initial qualification for people with little or no previous teaching experience. 2017 Start Dates: Jan 9, Feb 13, Mar...
4 weeks
Cape Town, South africa
Fee: From: 1290.00 USD
Pay: TBD

Climate & Culture Change in the Andes

Go on an exciting adventure to learn about climate and culture change in the Andes! Help address global and local issues in Peru to encourage mutual respect and a just society.Program Dates:July...
3 weeks
Carhuaz, Ancash, Peru
Fee: From: 4000.00 USD
Pay: TBD

Culinary and Hospitality Program in New Zealand

Jobs can take place in 4- to 5-star resort hotels, renowned restaurants, major conference centers, catering and events companies, leading international chains, boutique establishments, or other...
6-12 months
Auckland, New zealand
Fee: From: 1550.00 USD
Pay: between NZ$15 (~US$10) and NZ$18 (~US$13) an hour

Culinary Internship in Mauritius

Work in the kitchen of a 4-star or 5-star restaurant or hotel in the beautiful coastal region of Mauritius! Interns will be working as Chef or Pastry Chef Assistants to chefs from around the...
3-6 months
Coastal Region of Mauritius, Mauritius
Fee: From: 1350.00 USD
Pay: Contribution towards housing

Culinary Internship Program in Italy

Following a 2-week Language Program in Florence (accommodation in a host family), participants will be placed in traditional Italian cuisine restaurants for  7 weeks minimum up to 10 weeks...
9-12 weeks
Florence and other cities, Italy
Fee: From: 3550.00 USD
Pay: N/A

Culinary Tour in Ecuador

Departure dates from Quito in 2017: Thursdays May 25, July 13, August 3 or September 14. Minimum number of participants per departure date: 6Maximum number of participants per departure date:...
2 weeks
Multiple cities, Ecuador
Fee: From: 1670.00 USD
Pay: TBD

French Cooking School in the South of France

Created in 2005 by professionals in gastronomy, French pastry, wine and fine dining services, this international culinary academy offers a wide range of programs to learn the art of French cooking...
1-48 months
Cap d'Agde, France
Fee: From: 3410.00 Euros
Pay: Only with internship programs.

French Culinary Academy in Miami

A dedicated and enthusiastic team of chefs and administrators are running this NEW French Culinary Academy, located in Coral Gables, Florida, near Miami. The academy is owned by the same owners as...
1-52 weeks
Miami, United states
Fee: From: 1400.00 USD
Pay: N/A

International TEFL Certification and Job Guidance to Teach English Abroad

In order to offer international teaching English programs, CICD has partnered with International TEFL Academy, one of the worlds largest TEFL certification schools to become professionally...
3-12 months
Worldwide, United states
Fee: From: 1395.00 USD
Pay: Depends on chosen program

Paid Culinary or Hospitality Internship in Spain

3-12 Month Paid Culinary Internship Program in Barcelona, Spain, includes: 2-4 week Intensive Spanish Course in Barcelona (required for non-Spanish speakers): 20 1-hour group lessons per week,...
3-12 months
Barcelona and other cities, Spain
Fee: From: 3370.00 USD
Pay: 200-300 euros per month

Paid Culinary or Hospitality Internship in the French Alps

Following a 2-week Intensive Language Program in Montpellier, Southern France, participants will be placed in 4- to 5-star hotels at the most prestigious ski resorts in the French Alps for 8 to 17...
10-19 weeks
French Alps resorts, France
Fee: From: 2945.00 USD
Pay: ~$600/month

Paid Culinary or Hospitality Internships in Argentina

Our 3-6 month Paid Culinary and Hospitality Internship program in Argentina is a great opportunity for students of Culinary Arts or Hospitality to gain real work experience, learn a new language,...
3-6 months
all cities, Argentina
Fee: From: 1415.00 USD
Pay: US$150/month

Paid Culinary or Hospitality Internships in the South of France

Want to learn French and gain new culinary skills?Interested in experiencing the European lifestyle for 3 months?Are you of French origin or simply interested in French culture?Do Salad Nicoise,...
10-28 weeks
Montpellier, France
Fee: From: 2985.00 USD
Pay: Approximately 600 USD per month

Paid Hospitality Internship Program in Australia

The Hospitality Program is a paid internship program offered to highly skilled candidates that are completing or have completed hospitality studies and have relevant hospitality experience....
6-12 months
All cities, Australia
Fee: From: 3850.00 USD
Pay: from AUS$16 per hour

Teach and Travel China

Training & Orientation: The program begins with a four-week intensive Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) training course in Beijing. Participants learn the skills required to teach...
6 months
Various cities, China
Fee: From: 3150.00 USD
Pay: Approx USD$315/month plus USD$390 completion bonus

Teach English in Bali

The Kindergarten project is owned and fully supported by our local partner in Bali. The local children are warm and affectionate and would rather spend time playing than learning. This project...
2-20 weeks
Ubud, Indonesia
Fee: From: 400.00 Euro
Pay: None

Teach English in Paris

Program includes: A declared (you are entitled to French health insurance) live-out job in France.Flexible hours (5 to 25 hours per week): the job involves picking up French...
3-9 months
Paris, France
Fee: From: 950.00 USD
Pay: 10 - 20 Euros per hour

Teach English in Spain

If you're a native English speaker who is interested in sharing your country's culture and language with others, while at the same time gaining practical experience as a teacher, this program is...
3 months
Barcelona coast, Spain
Fee: From: 1050.00 USD
Pay: TBD

Teach English in Yucatan, Mexico

Teach English in language schools in Yucatan, Mexico.
3-12 months
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Fee: From: 1250.00 USD
Pay: from $4,000 mxp

Teaching Programs: Vietnam

The teaching program in Vietnam offers you a chance to immerse yourself in the culture of this beautiful and exotic country. The program starts with a six day orientation in Ho chi Minh City or...
4-6 months
Various cities, Vietnam
Fee: From: 1050.00 USD
Pay: USD $700, plus USD $700 completion bonus

TEFL/TESOL/TESL Certification in Mexico

This TEFL course follows an immersion method where trainees develop their teaching skills and knowledge of grammar through a combination of morning input sessions and evening practical...
1 months
Guadalajara, Mexico
Fee: From: 1550.00 USD
Pay: TBD

Volunteer for Conservation Projects in Australia

Joining the Conservation Experience Program is an amazing way to enjoy the beautiful Australian environment while making a contribution to its practical conservation. Volunteer as part of a team...
2-6 weeks
Various cities, Australia
Fee: From: 700.00 Australian Dollar
Pay: TBD